An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital chart that replaces paper progress notes, demographic, insurance and treatment information. The EMR is a software application that binds a database to the front-end application. Medical record scanning is the first step to a paperless office. The records are created by keying-in information into forms into applicable templates. The information is stored into electronic format into a database on a network server for search and retrieval at a later time. The old paper-based charts may be scanned into PDF files and attached to electronic medical records.

Hybrid Electronic Medical Records

Hybrid Electronic Medical Records are created on paper and the scanned images are stored on the server. The PDF files are bound together by a database. But in this system, the database only contains demographic information and dates that are used for search and retrieval of the image files in either TIFF or PDF formats. In order to complete the system, the organization must have a network scanner or a copier connected. Then any paperwork is scanned into a watched file on the network. The pages are automatically converted to PDF format. The user next returns to their desk and uses a heads up indexing feature to categorize the files and enter the demographic information. The next step is a workflow feature than will send in email that the pages have been scanned and stored into the system. Upon confirmation, the paperwork may be shredded. This may sound complicated. But, it is only complicated for the programmer to create the system. It is cheaper than electronic medical records software due to the use of a web-browser to view and use the system. Further, the system is very easy to use. So, there is very little training involved. This is not an ideal system for a hospital. But can be ideal for a small practice that does not generate thick charts or for medical office like visiting nurses that work offsite.


Patients of fibromyalgia symptoms need not worry the condition as there are several ways of relieving the pains experienced from fibromyalgia disease. The recommened remedies are through natural therapies joined together with healthy living and diet. The therapies include; massage and chiropractic, meditation and deep breathing, moderate exercises, relaxation techniques, etc. Apart from these, there are healthy diets that can relieve fibromyalgia symptoms to a great extent. The fibromyalgia diet includes low carbohydrate, high protein foods, lean poultry, pure water, fresh fruits and vegetables. Things like carbonated sodas, red meat, fried foods should be done away with. This will reduce the level of pain in the muscles and joints. Fibromyalgia may adversely affecting your job performance and cause insufficient sleep. So, it is advisable to consult with a doctor and tell him about the pains that you feel.

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Natural testosterone boosters are plants, herbs, and minerals that work to increases the production of testosterones. Saw Palmetto is an extract of a fan palm that grows in the Southern U.S. The extract is used in alternative medicine by American Indians to treat urinary and prostate problems.

Saw Palmetto Herbal Supplements decrease inflammation of the prostrate gland to reduce an enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto also stops of the conversion of testosterones into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Saw palmetto blocks the production of enzyme 5 alpha reductase which is responsible for the production of testosterones into Dihydrotestosterone.

DHT is also responsible for male pattern baldness and thin hair due to damaged hair follicles. This is why Saw Palmetto extract is considered a testosterone booster, because the extract does not actually contain testosterones. But, it helps to block compounds that reduce the amount of testosterone. Thus, the booster can more properly be called a DHT blocker.

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Low Estrogen Levels are usually seen among women progressing towards menopause symptoms and menopausal women. The female body is said to undergo a process of self-restriction in terms of limiting its functions that are aimed at fertility after a certain age. This usually happens among women who are approach the early 40s.

The indicated changes surface in the form of menopause where the Estrogen Levels begin to dip significantly. This is interpreted as an inbuilt mechanism of the body where it is trying to indicate that it no longer possesses the best of dynamics to support childbirth. This is why menopausal women find it difficult to get pregnant. With lowered estrogen, their bodies become less compatible towards sexual activities and pregnancy.

Lowered estrogen can be corrected in a safer way by using over the counter, safe herbal products like Estroven. This product contains Black Cohosh and Soy Isoflavones that are naturally estrogenic.

OCR scanning refers to the process of scanning paper documents, PDFs or digital photographs into a more flexible, user-friendly scanned format. Without OCR, the scanned copy of any paper record or PDF is essentially an inert copy that cannot be improved upon.

However, when OCR scanning capabilities are adopted into scanning, the scanned copies are more dexterous. They can be edited in various ways and become easier to search, save and retrieve. For instance, page numbers can be added through an OCR scanner that helps to create an order of scanned copies, helping greatly to stack the scanned documents in the form of a managed database. OCR functionalities include removing image disturbances associated with digital camera images. OCR software provides tools for editing text or images within the scanned copy apart from improving their overall quality. The more premium versions of OCR provide services like automated scheduled scanning.

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Women undergo a wide change of chemical chain reaction in their body compare to men. estrogen dominance is the major hormone which contributes to these physical changes. They become more sensitive and more aggressive some time. From body shape to menstrual cycle, a woman generic compound changes with time and age. Estrogen contributes to a number of factors which change the features of a woman. The changes are not only physically but for reproduction purposes as well. This hormone is the key essential feature that attributes to women sexual character. It makes woman look astounding in visual. It increases the metabolic change in woman and helps in the formation of various body parts. Too much of anything can be dangerous. Imbalance of this hormone in the body can cause health complications. That is why it is important to have medical checkups.

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One of the ways of beautifying your home is by having a great landscape background garden. This can be a daunting task to undertake especially if you are considering a landscape that can handle different seasons. If you are a beginner and you need ways of landscaping you home, than consider the following tips that will help you have a great landscape design.

Designing your landscape
The first thing that you should take care of is coming up with a design that you can stick up with. You need to note the feature that your garden already offers and thing about the things that you need to add to the garden. Note the size of the garden taking into consideration of the land space taken by the building and other structures. You can even come up with a sketch of the final design.

This is a very important factor that you should be thinking of when you are landscaping the garden. The garden should be able to complement the rest of the home as it will look out of place when it doesnt. You can even consider the theme of the neighborhood.

Plants are some of the mostly used features in any landscaping tasks. They are used to give the landscape a natural feel to it and they are always cheaper to use and maintain. However you should consider plants that can work for any season or have different plants that are productive for in the winter and some for the summer.

It is vital that you have the tools to be used ready so that you dont end up leaving the task undone because you dont have certain tools. There are tools that are multi-purpose and are worth the investment while others can be hired or borrowed.

Plants survive on water and nutrients. The soil should be rich in nutrients and you can have an irrigation system installed so that the plants can survive even in the dry spell.

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A swimming pool is a home asset that the whole family can enjoy having for their own pleasure. You can have friends come over and enjoy a nice afternoon in the pool when it is hot to stick around in the house. There some other reason why one would like to have a swimming pool at their backyard. In this section we are going to look at some of these reasons.

1. Not only will you have fun in the backyard swimming pool, but you will also cool off during those days when it is not comfortable in the house due to the heat. You can take a dip and then just sun bath while you enjoy the moment.

2. If you ever want to landscape your backyard without installing so many things, then a swimming pool will be ideal. A swimming pool is a facility that can be used for fun but also have a beautifying effect.

3. Once you install your backyard swimming pool, you increase the overall value of your home. It is true that most homes with a swimming pool will sell faster and for a better price than a home that doesnt have a swimming pool.

4. You will probably have all the privacy that you need in your private backyard swimming pool. You can invite friends over for a party which otherwise would been impossible in a public swimming pool.

5. You can be sure that your swimming pool water is hygienic for your family use. In some occasions, public swimming pools can have pathogens from other peoples sweat or saliva. You can avoid all this by installing your backyard swimming pool.

6. With you own swimming pool, some things can be adjusted to suit your familys taste. You can adjust the amount of chlorine in the water if your family is allergic to high amount of chlorine in the water.

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A countertop is the center of any kitchen and most people will have it installed so that they can have a work bench of some sorts. The countertop is also used to hold several things including a built-in sink and fitted cabinets. Most of the home improvement tasks are usually do-it-yourself friendly and as such you can do most of them without the help of professional hardy men. In this section we are going to look at how you can install a countertop as one of your home improvement kitchen projects.

There are several things that you need to consider before you start on the installation of the countertop. First you need to remove the existing countertop. Be sure to take the correct measurements if you need to have a countertop that has the same measurements as the previous one. Next note the position of the sink and its exact measurements. This is one of the sections that causes headache to most people. Now remove anything that might be attached to the countertop that is being replaced and that includes any electrical sockets and the drawers below the countertop. Unscrew the screws that are holding the current countertop in place and gently lift the countertop off.

Using professional tools is paramount if you want that exquisite finish. You can use masking tape to cover the edges that are being cut to prevent chipping off during cutting. Be careful when you are cutting the space for the sink to prevent leaving a space when the sink is fitted in place. You can use a sand paper to smoothen the edges.

You should make sure that the countertop fits firmly to the cabinets by using special wood glue. You should place the new countertop on the cabinets and let the glue dry for some time. After the glue has dried, you can now install the sink and anything else that is needed on the countertop.

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Progesterone is a vital hormone generated by the ovaries which assist in sustaining a normal menstrual cycle in women. Progesterone also plays a very important role in women who are pregnant. It prepares the uterus lining for implantation by the embryo. When the pregnancy approaches week eight, placenta takes control of generating progesterone for the rest of the pregnancy period. Progesterone hormone also assists the breast to get set for production of milk after the baby is born. The milk provides food that will nurture the new born baby.

In some women, their ovaries do not produce enough. These categories of women are likely to go through hardship in conception or in sustaining a pregnancy once there is conception. For this category of women, progesterone supplements may be advised. When the supplements are taken after ovulation, it assists the lining of the uterus to become very thick and rich in nutrients to get ready for the embryo implantation. Progesterone supplement can also be recommended in the early stages of pregnancy if there is low progesterone in the blood or if the woman has a history of reoccurring abortion after conception. Progesterone supplements are generally recommended for various weeks.

Progesterone supplement can be taken in several ways which are by the mouth, injected into the body as vaginal medicines. Most of the supplements come in form of capsules and troches which are positioned under the tongue to allow it melt. The injection form of progesterone is administered through the buttocks which is more painful and causes soreness in some women. The medication is introduced into the vagina. It may leak out, but no need to worry as the progesterone is already absorbed into the body and will surely work. However, progesterone supplement can generate usual but short-lived side effects like tiredness and nausea.